• Aziz Mobile Gateway

    We provide our users with a mobile gateway to be able to preview and download their files from their smart phones. They can also benefit from more services such as; checking the Supercomputer utilization for each research group and opening support tickets directly from their mobile application.

  • Project Development

    KAU’s HPCC helping businesses and academics capture the immense benefits of high performance computing. KAU’s HPCC helping businesses and academics optimize technology towards shaping a better world. Building smart societies by capturing the potential of digital technology and connected devices.

  • Big Data Solutions Support

    KAU giving companies the needed eyes and ears with big data analytics

    KAU giving companies the needed eyes and ears with big data analytics. , KAU gives companies the right insights transforming how they do business. , Businesses have stories to tell. KAU's Big Data gives them a voice. , KAU got the world one big data problem solved.

HPCC Service

During these years, we helped more than 100 satisfied clients in Gulf Region. We provided them what are more than just services; we provided them solutions. And this is our mission and passion. So, don’t look at any part of the following list as a usual

Training Courses

In addition to the educational services offered by the HPCC, Aziz Services offer various training courses ...

Industries where HPC works

Through our specialist experience, we’ve found that HPC works brilliantly in any industry. In particular, we’ve had great success in the following sectors: