About us

About us

Hig Performance Computing Center provides high performance computing (HPC), big data, and artificial intelligence services to business, academic, government, and fourth sector organizations. HPC has increasingly been applied to hundreds of sectors and applications due to its ability to solve large, previously intractable, or impossible problems in shorter periods of time.

HPC is the “summation” of computing power in a way that provides higher performance and results compared to what a typical desktop computer or workstation will deliver. High Performance Computing Centers help to provide effective solutions to complex problems in business, engineering and science.

Aziz Service is one of the leaders in the industry, providing 3 different packages to cater to the needs of all types of institutions, ensuring that affordable yet effective solutions are provided to clients. The services are affordably priced, with subscriptions charged on a cost per core-hour basis for computing time or cost per TB of storage per month.


To acquire for the university a world-class capacity in high performance computing to create next generation expertise and workforce for the application of HPC in nurturing a knowledge based (smarter) society and economy


To innovate and develop both soft and hard infrastructure (knowledge, science, technologies and infrastructure) for research and development of high performance computing in support for, and collaboration with, other stakeholders, including university divisions, national and international organizations.