How do I get a HPC account?
In order to apply for a new HPC account, please complete the account application form at (link_to_the_online_application_form). Make sure to provide all the required information about your faculty, department, e-mail and most importantly the research topic that you will use your HPC account for.
The application will be reviewed by the HPCC administration and once approved, an e-mail will be sent to your affiliated e-mail that includes all the needed information and sample user guide to start working with your HPC account.

What is the quota?
The maximum allowed disk space available to you in your home directory is referred as Disk Quota. Each user has a default quota limit of 5GB for his home directory that can be used for storing the user specific files, scripts and applications that can be accessed from the login nodes and all the compute nodes.

How to acknowledge Aziz Supercomputer in my paper?
If you used Aziz Supercomputer in your research, you are required to acknowledge this with your paper. An example of a statement for possible use: "Computation for the work presented in this paper was supported by KAU's High Performance Computing Center (Aziz Supercomputer) (" Copies of the published papers should be submitted to the HPCC for inclusion on the HPCC website, under the publications page. Publication information, such as a URL and a PDF file of the actual publication, and any other information that needs to be included.

What are the possible queues provided by Aziz Supercomputer for submitting jobs?
The compute nodes are grouped into four types of queues depending on the physical specifications of these computing nodes as following:
•    Thin Queue (thin): 380 compute nodes with total of 9120 cores and 96 GB memory on each node.
•    Fat Queue (fat): 112 compute nodes with total of 2688 cores and 256 GB memory on each node.
•    GPU Nodes (k20): 2 GPGPU nodes with total of 4992 CUDA cores and 96 GB memory on each node.
•    Intel Xeon Phi Nodes (phi): 2 Intel Xeon Phi nodes with total of 120 cores and 96 GB memory on each node.

What are the steps if I want to install a new software package for my work?
If you have the required knowledge to install this software package, you can follow the steps and install it with your account. It will be available after installation completed for your account only. If this software package is requested by many users, or if you face any problems in installing it by yourself, you can send a request e-mail to the HPCC main ( with the detailed information about this software package, and the support team will investigate about it and install it for you.