Introduction to HPC

Introduction to HPC

This training course is particularly designed to serve as an introduction to the concept of High Performance Computing, particularly for students and other people that are not too familiar with High Power Computing. Here, participants learn the basics of High Performance Computing as well as the benefits of the concept, especially when compared with other computing models. The contents of the training are delivered in easy to understand terms, ensuring that everyone regardless of their level of knowledge.

The course like other such programs offered by Aziz Services is delivered by well-trained and highly experienced experts in the field.

Duration: 12 Hours


  • Aziz Overview
  • How to access Aziz
  • How to use Aziz
  • How to write a simple MPI Program
  • How to write a simple OpenMP Program

Case Study: Matrix Operations

Prerequisites: C or C++ Programing

Benefits: Get familiar of the High-Performance Computing basics which are not easily available.

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Introduction to HPC

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