Customized Hardware

Customized Hardware

One of the services offered by the center that has distinguished it from other service providers in the industry is the customized hardware service. The center takes into consideration the individual needs of each client to design solutions that specifically address the problem at hand.

The service is for clients that need a tailor-made solution, as opposed to the somewhat generic services provided to clients. The need for this arises when you have more specific and peculiar needs that require a set of unique hardware and other such solutions. Aziz Services recognizes this and consequently offers user-costumed hardware to address such situations.

This service reiterates the center’s dedication to ensuring that you get an effective solution to the problem irrespective of the size or nature of the business or institution as the case may be. The center employs state-of-the-art technology with well-experienced professionals in delivering this service, just like any other service offered by the HPPC. This ensures that you only get solutions that are applicable to your situation.

Under this category of service, there are 3 different packages to choose from, depending on your needs and budget. Each package comes with its unique features and benefits, and are perfectly designed to ensure that you get all that you desire.

Below is a highlight of the 3 different sub-services in the category.

The user-costumed hardware service perfectly combines affordability with quality, ensuring every client has access to effective problem-solving alternatives.Clients can order for any of the services through the website.

Service Details :

Monthly-based Fat Node – This is an amazing sub-service that is targeted at clients requiring as much as 256 GB of Memory with 24 physical cores.

Monthly-based Thin Node – This is another great sub-service from the HPPC and is a relatively cheaper option for users. It is designed for clients that do not require as much memory as the dedicated Fat Node. Clients get as much as 96 GB with a monthly payment of 1050 SAR, with 24 physical cores.

Hourly-based Fat Node – This sub-service targets clients who pay as per their usage for a computing node with 256GB of memory and 24 physical cores.

Hourly-based Thin Node – This option is designed for clients who need only 96GB of memory with 24 physical cores.

Dedicated 1TB per Month – This package is the cheapest of all, offered to clients on a shoestring budget that wants the best of services. The package is available for as low as 100 SAR, with this package giving remote access to the dedicated nodes.