Software Services

Software Services

This package enables our customers to leverage our software development, application installation/configuration and code optimization capability in favor of their business development and process improvement. Users can select from our existing pool of software packages that cover a wide range of scientific research in various fields. Application developers can also get support in code development, conversion from sequential to parallel codes, and code optimization.

The services offered in this package are targeted researchers, individuals, enterprises, and the academic community. The services include:

  • Providing users with access to pre-installed applications (software packages) on Aziz.
  • Conversion of sequential codes to efficient parallel codes.
  • Code optimization services.

The benefits of the package are overwhelming. First, it caters to customers’ software needs by implementing/configuring existing applications on Aziz or customer equipment. Second, it’s designed to optimize existing application, improvise existing code using latest technologies and converting sequential code to parallel. Third, this package also includes integrating existing applications to mobile platforms to make services accessible to end-users through mobile devices.

The software-based service is a customized package and is offered on a case by case basis.

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