Consultation & Customized Services

Consultation & Customized Services

The center also offers consultation and customized services to clients in various industries. This ensures that you get solutions that particularly address the peculiar needs of your business or institution. This is so as we understand that it is not always a case of one size fits all.

Some of the services offered include Research Data Center, which is a state-of-the-art facility designed to host large computer clusters, cluster computer, performance modeling, parallel file systems, visualization, and scientific software development.

The technical team carefully assesses your needs, considering its peculiar features and surrounding factors including budget or finance, subsequently coming up with customized services to address the company’s peculiar issues. This will ensure that square pegs are put in square holes, and issues are resolved effectively.

The center also acts as consultants to users, helping them identify their needs in a bid to provide effective solutions to their problems. The consultation services also include designing HPC facilities, building capacity, and operational model amongst others.

The centers expertise based on having highly-experienced hands as well as working with clients from different industries and walks of life help it to offer the best solution to clients. This is demonstrated in the center’s achievements over the years.

The consultation and customized services are carefully designed to provide clients with solutions that are specifically tailored to meet their needs.

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