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The HPCC Help service of the Aziz Supercomputer Center consists of technical support and consulting services for HPCC's high performance computing resources. Members of HPCC's Science and Technology Support group staff the HPCC Help service.

Before contacting HPCC Help, please check to see if your question is answered in either the FAQ list or the computing pages. Many of the questions asked by both new and experienced HPCC users are answered in these web pages.

Do not send your password to HPCC Help, or to anyone, by e-mail.

Please complete the following information, and an HPCC staff member will follow up with you during normal business hours.

Please cut and paste the requested information verbatim, rather than trying to summarize or paraphrase the information. It is also better to provide too much information than too little, although multi-megabyte messages are strongly discouraged.

If you e-mail the location of a file to HPCC Help, please set the permissions of the file to be world readable (eg. chmod a+r filename) and set the permissions of the directory hierarchy containing the file to be world readable and executable (eg. chmod a+rx directory). This is necessary because the consultants do not have administrator access to the supercomputers.

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